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WCS Congo blog | Meet Frank Moutengue, a Ranger on the Frontline
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Meet Frank Moutengue, a Ranger on the Frontline

Frank Moutengue is one of 50 rangers working to protect the Nouabalé-Ndoki National Park from a relentless onslaught of poaching.

Frank started out working for the Park as a young and enthusiastic construction worker. Bright and motivated, he was quickly noticed and was recruited as a research assistant at the Mondika Gorilla Project. Despite enjoying the work, particularly being part of the habituation process of a group of Western Lowland Gorillas, he always dreamed about being a ranger.

In 2014, he joined the Park’s ranger force and underwent paramilitary training. Frank’s background as a Researcher has lent to the challenge – his natural leadership qualities and tracking abilities have made him one of the Park’s most effective rangers.

This year, the Nouabalé-Ndoki National Park has put in place a reformed ‘unit system’ and a clear command structure. This structure will offer rangers like Frank a clear development path, allowing for high performance to be rewarded through promotion opportunities.

In February 2017, Frank was appointed Chef de Unité (Unit Leader) and continues to watch over one of the last forest elephant strongholds on the planet.

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